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20th May, 2020 10:08:48 PM

No, it can be demonstrated, it's just about other characters seen talking about it.

For example, in Animorphs there's a scene where Marco causes his name to be heard by a bunch of gossiping girls and they talk about what an idiot he is.

20th May, 2020 10:09:47 PM

Then that's still Character Shilling; it doesn't have to be a heroic character.

21st May, 2020 02:51:26 AM

Could be The Dreaded (the chilling mentioned in third paragraph).

22nd May, 2020 07:41:09 AM

Seconding this being a mutation of Character Shilling when it's to inform the reader how badass Bob is. Also echoing the pointing to the bit about The Dreaded being one of the classic ways to pull it off when it's used well, but used clumsily it can just as easily veer into blatant character shilling.

IIRC, the Marco example is an attempt to Invoke ...But He Sounds Handsome that backfires spectacularly, as his flirting usually did.

If it's happening In-Universe because Bob paid them to make him sound badass, you actually loop back to them literally being The Shill.


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