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21st May, 2020 07:40:03 AM

Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene

  • Pre-Battle Banter is the subtrope for the "subdued joking around and encouragement" form.

See also Darkest Hour, Line in the Sand, If We Get Through This..., It Has Been an Honor, Pre-Sacrifice Final Goodbye, If I Do Not Return, and numerous other tropes for the various other components that you mention. Index of Goodbyes and Last Words are a good place to start for those, and most are part of the setup for Dying Moment of Awesome tropes.

Also see also The Hero's Journey- the last big afqds (or set of them) is an important transition step between the main story and the final revelations and confrontations.

21st May, 2020 08:55:21 AM

Well, would making a single trope that is essentially all those combined be a good ideam or are all these enough?

21st May, 2020 08:25:47 PM

Yes, which is why it has been created: Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene and its subtrope Pre-Battle Banter

The rest I listed are moments that can happen within or surrounding that period of calm before the storm.


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