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20th May, 2020 06:09:58 PM

The extreme form of Powered by a Forsaken Child, the subtrope to Living Battery where it sucks to be said battery. Sounds like this example probably overlaps with something like Super Breeding Program or Expendable Clone, too, since they were created for this purpose.

Compare Raised as a Host, where they want to take over the kid's body along with any powers they might have arranged for them to have.

Depending on what sort of magical power they're harvesting, how they harvest it, and what state said kid is in at the moment, you might also look at MacGuffin Super Person, Person of Mass Destruction, Sympathetic Sentient Weapon, and Phlebotinum Rebel.

Edited by Scorpion451
22nd May, 2020 05:15:54 PM

I do think the OP was right about Walking Transplant being the closest thing we've got. Could also be elements of Tyke Bomb depending on how their powers are directed.


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