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3rd May, 2020 02:48:51 PM

Any advice on what forum thread would be appropriate for me to take this question?

3rd May, 2020 05:18:37 PM

Trope misuse regarding RWBY? Surprise, surprise. Looks like another lock is needed in my opinion.

3rd May, 2020 05:30:02 PM

We don't seem to have a dedicated cleanup thread for Ship Tease. I'd try asking for help in the Trope Misuse Cleanup in General thread.

Edited by Karxrida
3rd May, 2020 05:52:51 PM

Ehhh, I think it should only be locked if misuse is still added post-cleanup, or if people repeatedly try to revert the edits.

5th May, 2020 03:55:28 PM

Yeah, I'm just looking to clean the page first (and then see if the sub-page needs to exist once the clean-up has been done). I wouldn't go for a lock before a clean-up has even been attempted.

Thanks for the pointer, Karxrida, I'll take the query there. I wouldn't be surprised if the trope needs a wider clean up than just this work, especially with the Ho Yay clean-up that's been going on, but I haven't looked more widely at this point. It may be that the suggested general thread is worth using until we know whether a wider clean-up requires a separate thread.


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