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21st Apr, 2020 03:36:24 AM

Best bet would be to use Wayback Machine, and rewind to that date.

Edited by Excessive-Menace
21st Apr, 2020 04:03:36 AM

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine can be found here:

21st Apr, 2020 04:34:34 AM

This page goes back to December 2008, at least. Iím not sure you can go any further back, unfortunately.

Incidentally, I was not prepared for just how different TV Tropes looked back in the day.

Edited by Loopytires55
21st Apr, 2020 05:17:39 PM

@Excessive-Menace: I tried but the data does not tell me who wrote it in 2008. I just see the text and not the authors of the text (AKA users who wrote the text). is a wiki which records which user wrote what text at what time. How do I use to see who wrote a specific line of text in 2008 or 2007 on an article? For example, in 2003 I can see a user wrote something at Wikipedia on Mario: . How do I see which user wrote what in 2008/2007 on the article ? The text was written before 12/12/2008 apparently. only shows edits as far back as Aug 1st 2010 at 12:59:16 AM. Why?

Read , especially <<[ states] Gears of War cannot be forgotten, seeing as a head shot sometimes results in Marcus Fenix (at least in the Campaign) saying Boom Headshot. Or other witty things such as, "look Ma, no face" in Gears 2. Everyone has headshot quotes including Baird's "Sorry was that your spine" and the epic "So good I should charge admission" ^the [Boom Headshot] line is not said in any of the games. maybe the new ones since I haven't played them extensively, 1-3 defninitely not>>. was released in 2011, some that claim only applies to Gears of War 1 or 2 - released in 2006 and 2008.

Edited by User000name
21st Apr, 2020 05:26:52 PM

That data is probably lost. I recall all edit history beyond a certain point is just gone when things moved to the new format.

21st Apr, 2020 05:30:46 PM

^I think it's actually because the software used to purge history records, and Fast Eddie later removed that feature. If that's what happened, I'm guessing that feature was removed around 2010.

21st Apr, 2020 05:35:56 PM

I see. Unfortunately, I could have used that data. So if you could reply to the thread what would you say?

21st Apr, 2020 05:37:18 PM

Wasn't there also a "Great Crash" that happened in...2008, according to The Great Crash? If anything, that data is just gone for good now.

21st Apr, 2020 05:38:35 PM

I'd say that was twelve years ago so why is it so important to know who wrote it. If they were wrong just fix it.

21st Apr, 2020 05:43:57 PM

@ I'd remove the part on which says "Marcus Fenix (at least in the Campaign) saying 'Boom Headshot'." since I can't find any proof that he actually said that, but the problem is I remember that he said that and I'd like to talk to the author who wrote that text whether it was as a joke or as a serious representation of reality.

I was going to search for proof by downloading the zip file at but this stupid tablet I have can't be set to never sleep (at most it can be set to sleep after 30 minutes), so that might've messed up my attempt to download it.

Edited by User000name
21st Apr, 2020 05:46:24 PM

Even if you can find out who wrote that exact sentence, there's a good chance they aren't even on the site anymore to respond. It was 12 years ago. Even if they are still around, they might not even remember writing this or where they got the information from.

You'd be better off asking at the Video Game Subforum.

21st Apr, 2020 05:56:15 PM

The text was written between 12 and 14 years ago. If I could reply to (which is then I'd say: ">>504399257 >>504404970 If it was in the game or if that is a decade+ old shitpost: either way it is a pop culture/meme reference (viral video "boom headshot" by georgebush000 — — released in Jan 18, 2006), and one that decreases in relevance as the years after 2006 go by."

I'll post in that link you gave — — later.


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