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26th Mar, 2020 04:55:35 AM

If the show is against our policy (5P) and is deleted, its subpages can't stay on the wiki either. Please put it to cutlist.

BTW all character sheets and other subpages have to have its corresponding work page.

26th Mar, 2020 06:11:57 AM

That's a surprisingly large list of character sheets for a hentai. There's also Timeline.Rance Series to deal with, too.

I don't have the time to go through all the character pages but I added the timeline one to the Cut List as a subpage without a corresponding work page.

Edited by sgamer82
26th Mar, 2020 07:06:57 AM

I'll cutlist the character pages.

Edit: And done. They're all cutlisted now.

Edited by Serac
26th Mar, 2020 07:18:34 AM

With that said, I think Rance and all of its sub-pages should go into the Permanent Red Link Club to prevent future recreations. I heard how infamous the visual novel is through Fuwanovel, so it would be a good idea to do so.

26th Mar, 2020 07:20:53 AM

Jesus. That's... a staggering amount of work gone into this.

So, I do have to point out, I'm not positive there ever was a Rance page (as VideoGame.Rance Series doesn't seem to have ever existed), and instead this character page is technically a subpage for Creator.Alice Soft. Now, whether that page should go is a question for 5p.

Edited by Larkmarn
26th Mar, 2020 08:06:58 AM

The series page was at VideoGame.Sengoku Rance. It's now a redirect to Alicesoft's creator page, which I assume was done to preserve the inbounds.

Also, it's worth noting that Characters.Rance Series was created in December of 2018, several years after the main series page was cut (which was in 2012).

Edited by Serac
26th Mar, 2020 08:18:53 AM

Thanks. Really appreciate the context.

So, yeah. Two issues here, one being whether it counts as an orphaned subpage (a question for mods) and whether it should go for 5P reasons.

Regarding the former, it's technically a subpage of Characters.Alice Soft so in my opinion it's fine there. But the 5P issue (and the fact it seems like it might have been made as a workaround to the cut) is out of my (completely nonexistent) jurisdiction.

26th Mar, 2020 10:08:59 AM

I think the merits of the creator page should go to P5, but the subpages....feel like it's trying really hard to get around the work page not existing. So those are getting cut. (We can always resurrect from the ether if needed.)

26th Mar, 2020 10:10:22 AM

This is indeed suspicious. How is it that a character page that has zero wicks to it outside of its subpages has over 1000 inbounds? There's no doubt in my mind whether it was created to bypass the cut or not.

26th Mar, 2020 01:54:03 PM

I looked on Characters.Alice Soft and found two more character sheets for a work that the P5 cut: Characters.Daibanchou and Characters.Daibanchou Seijou Academy, which Characters.Alice Soft helpfully informs us are for Big Bang Age. But they're both empty, just consisting of folders and headers. I guess whatever hentai fansite created the Rance character sheets never got around to expanding these pages.

Also, Characters.Evenicle is an orphaned subpage, but I don't think it ever had a main page. I have no idea if the P5 cut it, or even if it's the sort of thing they would cut, but I'm still going to cutlist it for being orphaned.

27th Mar, 2020 01:57:11 AM

Hello, I was the one who created the Rance Series character pages.

I would like to know first why the page for Sengoku Rance (and later Kichikuou Rance in 2018) was cut in the first place, so I can understand better why the series is deemed unsuitable for TV Tropes. I know that the series are infamous for you-know-what, but I think its plot and characters prevent it to be Porn Without Plot at least.

I apologize for creating these pages despite the main work being 5P, I just want to know the main reasons for it (I do know about the Google Incidents though).

Edited by Itasio
27th Mar, 2020 02:11:55 AM

Honestly my guy, even if the pages weren't cut by P5, we don't make stray character pages. They need to be attached to a pre-existing work page.


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