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25th Mar, 2020 12:07:55 PM

They should have the same status, given that they're precisely opposite ideas.

25th Mar, 2020 12:38:25 PM

The Ron the Death Eater page has only fanfiction examples, but I have seen many YMMV pages where the trope is used also for general fandom reactions

Edited by annette12
25th Mar, 2020 12:39:58 PM

I think that general fandom reactions go in Misaimed Fandom instead, specifically when they miss the point of the character.

25th Mar, 2020 12:42:10 PM

There's also debate on if DILP and RTDH should only apply to fan works or the fan reaction. Here's a link that also contains links to all the other discussions on the matter. They've stalled but if we have reason to start them up again that would be appreciated.

25th Mar, 2020 12:57:23 PM

I'll check the link out.

As is the tropes (and Misaimed Fandom) just seem rife for complaining. Even just limiting it to fanworks seems like an exercise in hunting down someone's fanfic to complain about characterization.

Making it general just has a lot of people trying to whittle down character/story interpretations as "the correct" ones and whining about other people "not getting it".

Edited by DrPsyche

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