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Make Private (For security bugs or stuff only for moderators)

25th Mar, 2020 02:34:36 AM

That aint right. I hope mods will do something about this.

25th Mar, 2020 01:52:06 PM

They have been suspended.

Aegis, you've been warned for popcorning before. Nothing constructive is being added with posts like that.

25th Mar, 2020 02:21:22 PM

I was bumping so that mods could see it. I thought popcorn meant more gawking at spectacle.

25th Mar, 2020 02:23:28 PM

If your intent is to bump, just say "bump". We don't need the additional commentary.

Bumping 30 minutes after the previous bump is unnecessary, to boot.

ATT gets used for a ton of different kinds of reports, for lack of a better system. We can't control what systematic changes will be rolled out by the admins, but we can work to keep reports on-track.

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