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Make Private (For security bugs or stuff only for moderators)

21st Feb, 2020 02:10:07 PM

It's still discouraged.

21st Feb, 2020 02:17:28 PM

From what I've seen, it's less "discouraged" and more "grounds for instant suspension until you promise to never use a word-replacement extension on the site, with a permanent ban if you re-offend".

21st Feb, 2020 04:45:16 PM

Which is a bit extreme imo (a PM would work just fine), but yeah, it's still really bad.

21st Feb, 2020 04:56:10 PM

A lot of the time the notice goes out just so we can explain how seriously we take certain things, not because we want the person to feel bad and go away.

21st Feb, 2020 05:15:37 PM

^^ I interpret suspensions less as punishments, and more as a way to ensure that the user is made completely aware of the rule they've infringed and how to avoid breaking it again.

I think I've seen someone get away with a word replacement plugin twice, but "three strikes and you're out" is pretty consistently enforced.

21st Feb, 2020 05:21:37 PM

For what it's worth I've seen them do this at least thrice with the latest being earlier today which is why I brought it up.

21st Feb, 2020 05:35:28 PM

Right, the issue seems to be that PMs are too easily ignored; suspensions are the only way to ensure the problem ends, even if only temporarily.

But in any case, sending a PM shouldn't hurt.

23rd Feb, 2020 10:35:55 AM

They've been suspended to get this resolved quickly.


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