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18th Feb, 2020 12:01:33 PM

This is the only time I've seen a work page link to the forums. I don't see the point, since TV Tropes pages are for the general public and not just users, so the link would be useless to people who don't have an account and don't feel like signing up.

19th Feb, 2020 02:53:14 AM

^ You're probably right, it's an oversight, but I honestly was hoping for an Mod confirm before deleting.

20th Feb, 2020 01:12:19 PM

Actually, some people think that linking to forum threads on work pages is a good idea, see this for a request for a dedicated feature. I personally have no objections (after all, is there really anything wrong if unregistered users could simply read the thread, not necessarily posting in it?) It could potentially stop duplicate threads on same works, and overall could help the forum be more open for people, maybe even convincing readers to make accounts?

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