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13th Feb, 2020 03:36:17 PM

Individual Tintin comics are also in Recap/.

17th Feb, 2020 02:00:09 PM

Answer seems to be "Historical"? ... But, I suppose that individual publications should get Literatures, while chapters should get Recaps.

17th Feb, 2020 02:01:32 PM

Probably just that there's no official policy either way.

In the case of Warrior Cats, it seems like the overarching "series" are in Literature/, so individual books are in Recap/. So Fire and Ice is considered an entry in Warrior Cats: The Original Series?

17th Feb, 2020 04:00:05 PM

It's that way because nobody's bothered to split the work page yet.

17th Feb, 2020 04:13:41 PM

? The work pages have already been split; it's the way they've been split that's different.

18th Feb, 2020 06:06:36 AM

I've been splitting Recap.Survivor Dogs in the recap section too.

18th Feb, 2020 06:58:45 AM

We have the Namespace Map to say that novels belong in the Literature/ namespace. I think it's been one of those policies where nobody thought it had to be said that books should always be troped in the Literature/ namespace.


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