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13th Feb, 2020 03:03:37 PM

You Shouldn't Know This Already

You see, in certain games (such as Metroid Vania) there's such a thing where the Ability Required to Proceed or Utility Weapon is acquired some time after you see the need to use them. It's just that, if the ability is (in lore) given by someone (who could logically give it to you anytime), it wouldn't make sense for you to have to wait for that long, right?

13th Feb, 2020 05:24:26 PM

That actually seems more like the inverse of what I'm looking for. I'm looking for when there's an obvious obstacle and you've already met the character who gives you the means to get by it, but they simply don't until later. Where you'd expect the player character to take the item/learn the ability and say "thanks, but why the heck didn't you bother giving me this an hour ago?"

13th Feb, 2020 06:15:19 PM

^ by "that", you mean You Shouldn't Know This Already?

Your scenario is Ability Required to Proceed except that the ability is given by someone you knew well before. It's an extra nuance, but it's ultimately the same trope.

MetaFour MOD
13th Feb, 2020 10:15:33 PM

Violation of Common Sense?

Arbitrary Mission Restriction? (It's what Metroid: Other M indexes a similar head-scratcher under.)

Edited by MetaFour

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