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13th Feb, 2020 06:19:36 AM

Those opening narrations were used. This is why all examples must be written in historical present tense. We are a literary analysis group, and works "re-occur" every time they are experienced. If the opening narrations were removed from the work, then the examples should be updated with Orwellian Retcon reflecting that earlier versions of Season 1 episodes had a narration and versions after [when?] no longer have one.

13th Feb, 2020 10:56:07 AM

Okay, but in the case of Arrow, as it ended, what about switching to the narration from the last episode, as a way to acknowledge that it ended?

13th Feb, 2020 11:59:42 AM

A lot of these pages are read by people unfamiliar with the work, or not yet finished with it. Wouldn't that ending narration count as an above-the-description spoiler?

Also, courtesy link.

Edited by WarJay77
13th Feb, 2020 01:04:56 PM

Still, the current one is outdated, as Oliver is no longer in prison.

15th Feb, 2020 10:15:26 PM

Exactly. And the argument I have for removing the Flash's season 5 intro is that Nora is no longer a character. Lo T & Supergirl I don't have an issue with, because those intro's aren't specific, just giving a general synopsis of the basic plot.

15th Feb, 2020 10:26:04 PM

Can more general quotes be found for Flash and Arrow?

16th Feb, 2020 07:24:28 AM

Is this discussion about the page quote, not the trope Opening Narration? Because, again, "updating" a trope is wrong; you add the new examples instead of removing the old examples.

16th Feb, 2020 08:44:47 AM

^ Yeah, I think they're referring to the quote.

17th Feb, 2020 09:46:26 AM

Debates over a page quote should be handled by the General Page Quote Discussion thread, and this is covered by the rule from How to Create a Works Page; no spoilers in the description.


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