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12th Feb, 2020 07:47:15 PM

Crosswicking aside, that trope is kinda... half-baked and was launched super quietly.

Like, slapstick isn't even mentioned in the description despite two people mentioning it (and the fact that they mention it's basically a 1-to-1 correlation implies it might just be covered by it).

12th Feb, 2020 08:18:32 PM

^ A similar issue was brought up here.

12th Feb, 2020 11:13:30 PM

So the one draft I could find that was launched by them, Oblivious to Hatred, is crosswicked, but I've no way of knowing if the crosswicking was done by them unless I spend an hour digging into page histories.

13th Feb, 2020 10:46:32 AM

Not a good sign if they are refusing to engage with others.

14th Feb, 2020 01:16:56 AM

Let's see if a ban gets them to talk.

14th Feb, 2020 11:11:55 AM

The troper in question now has a perma-ban, so should we resolve this ATT by cutlisting Casual Assault And Battery?

14th Feb, 2020 11:12:37 AM

^ Don't cutlist, unlaunch it. If you cutlist, all the information is gone for good.

14th Feb, 2020 01:49:07 PM

Not meaning to be rude, but your use of "a whopping" to mean "only" sounds a bit condescending and is getting a bit old. I think maybe either unlaunch it or crosswick it yourself.

Edited by Unicorndance
14th Feb, 2020 02:28:32 PM

Uh... only mods can unlaunch it. And crosswicking it makes no sense if it's about to be unlaunched, since the name could change in the interim.

14th Feb, 2020 02:54:12 PM

Oh, sorry. I didn't know.

14th Feb, 2020 04:19:37 PM

Sorry if I came off as rude, but I was very frustrated when I made this thread, and it shouldn't be my job to crosswick if the sponsor can do it themselves.

14th Feb, 2020 08:16:42 PM

^ I sympathy with you. It's baffling me at times when people demand full effort from a clean up person when the problem only occur because the original editor done halfass job.

15th Feb, 2020 02:11:30 PM

^^But they can't very well do it if they're banned, now can they?

15th Feb, 2020 02:13:55 PM

What if they're not refusing, they're just not online? Have they made any edits to other pages.

15th Feb, 2020 02:20:04 PM

This should probably be locked, no? The troper's been dealt with, the trope's been unlaunched, and people are starting to rudely argue about hypotheticals that are tangentially related to the OP.

15th Feb, 2020 03:26:30 PM

^^ Unicorndance, they were online. They made several edits after my PM and Ping; they even started a new TLP draft, like, a day ago.

Believe me when I say they were ignoring me. They weren't unavailable. They made the active choice to refuse my attempts to reach them. That is outlined in the rest of my opening post.

It's also not my fault they were banned. I'd have been fine if they were called to discuss or given a stern "please behave" warning, so don't pull the "they can't do work if they're banned" card, please.

And with all that said, please lock this.

15th Feb, 2020 03:48:31 PM

Sorry. I'm not saying it's your fault, I got a bit confused and thought you were saying they were currently on a ban, which, obviously, you can't edit while you're on.


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