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Berrenta MOD
31st Jan, 2020 06:09:28 PM

^ IP check came out negative.

Go ahead and try to message them about it.

31st Jan, 2020 08:30:32 PM

Doubt they're the same person since these "tropes" were properly wiki-worded, unlike Alcedine's.

1st Feb, 2020 06:27:07 AM

So can those character descriptions be deleted?

1st Feb, 2020 09:29:48 AM

^ Yes, cite this query.

1st Feb, 2020 08:23:04 PM

Can I get a mod revert instead?

1st Feb, 2020 10:02:55 PM

I should probably clarify that character descriptions are allowed in the general case, but this specific page is essentially an index instead of an actual character page.

9th Feb, 2020 09:30:52 PM

Bump. There most recent edit on Unresolved Sexual Tension gives me pause. It is about Peter and MJ/Michelle. It insinuates that they would have had sex, if Peter had not been called away. I'm not saying teenagers can't have sex, but unless the narrative unambiguously hints that they would have we can't infer that they would. They seem at this point like an overzealous shipper...

10th Feb, 2020 08:19:17 AM

In fact, the scene makes no such hint whatsoever. I removed that line.

11th Feb, 2020 08:03:59 AM

They're still insinuating it, most recently on Funny.Spiderman Far From Home.

Edited by jjjj2
11th Feb, 2020 08:26:16 AM


Have they been notified of this thread?

11th Feb, 2020 11:58:25 AM

Seems like a Single-Issue Wonk, too; every edit they've made is regarding MCU Spider-Man

11th Feb, 2020 06:52:29 PM

I've send them a customized speculation notifier that asks them to come here ASAP.

13th Feb, 2020 01:13:49 PM

Well they just made another edit in Characters.MCU Spider Man that relates to sexual tension. Take that as you will.


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