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15th Jan, 2020 05:39:26 PM

10 upvotes and yet no replies? How does that work?

15th Jan, 2020 06:00:31 PM

Um, take it to the Trump and ROCEJ thread.

15th Jan, 2020 06:04:39 PM

Since this is trivia, it does talk about real-life in relation to pieces of media.

I'd say news and columns still fall within this purview, since they are media that's consumed by the public. Anchors and journalist have roles within their works, so if they do something that leads to them losing their jobs, that's within the purview of Role-Ending Misdemeanor. Many of them hosted their own shows, so I'd say it's okay to list examples like that.

Political figures are a bit touchier examples. While there have been many politicians that have lost their careers or positions because of scandals, it's not exactly the same thing IMO. They're not working for a show or website, they're public figures of office.

Personally, I'd be okay with removing the political entries, but maybe wait for more feedback before doing so.


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