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15th Jan, 2020 06:02:46 AM

I would think so since it's an "original net animation" as Wikipedia puts it.

But I also can see an argument of leaving it as is because it's just an OVA put exclusively online. This might warrant a thread on the forums for deciding on how to handle these cases in the future.

Edited by Ngamer01
17th Jan, 2020 02:07:26 PM

^ Length has very little to do with namespace. A lot of short films go in Film/.

To add to the argument against moving the namespace, Stranger Things and The Mandalorian would be WebVideo...

17th Jan, 2020 03:21:41 PM

Why would they belong in WebVideo? Disney+ and Netflix are trying to provide a consistent television/movie streaming service, just like The CW, CBS, and NBC. Those three providers/creators are juggling shows on cable, internet, and satellite distribution models. YouTube isn't the same thing; a small fraction of 1% of the uploaded videos used to be on television or in movie theaters, so it is primarily a place where obscure/poor creators can upload new works with very little oversight.

17th Jan, 2020 05:26:31 PM

^Exactly. They have no place in that namespace, yet they would going with "internet=Web namespace".

17th Jan, 2020 08:03:29 PM

The precedent seems to be that works original to streaming services (also note that Netflix original animated series like WesternAnimation.Voltron Legendary Defender aren't under WebAnimation/). But since Pokémon Generations is on YouTube, it should go under WebAnimation/ per crazysamaritan's post.

Edited by rjd1922

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