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14th Jan, 2020 12:49:50 PM

I went ahead and deleted the X-Men example citing No Lewdness, No Prudishness. Received a message from them asking why I did so. Here's the episode which they claim is riddled with fanservice. Rewatched it and didn't notice any... "ass shots" as they put it. Thoughts?

Edited by TantaMonty
14th Jan, 2020 01:41:41 PM

I wouldn't say it's entirely free of fanservice or anything— the opening shot pans slowly up Jean in a short, tight-fitting nightie in the rain— but it's hardly what the episode is "best known" for, and there's no focus on her ass in particular. Methinks someone's seeing what they want to see.

15th Jan, 2020 03:23:15 AM

They have sent me another message, this time containing a bunch of nonsense about not placing YMMV in the main page. They are also demanding that I explain why I removed the example, despite the fact I clearly stated the reason in my edit. Coupled with the nature of their previous edits, I'm pretty sure this confirms that they are here to troll.

Edited by TantaMonty
Willbyr MOD
15th Jan, 2020 03:52:59 AM

Doesn't seem like someone we want around; they've been sent packing.

15th Jan, 2020 06:52:10 AM

Thank you, Willbyr. I removed their other entries citing this ATT.

15th Jan, 2020 08:54:50 AM

He made a (non-fanservice-related) edit to Power Rangers Operation Overdrive that's kind of hyperbolic, but not actually wrong to the best of my knowledge (in any case, I'm not about to re-watch the series to confirm). What should be done with it; is this the sort of thing to remove on principle since the user was banned?

Willbyr MOD
15th Jan, 2020 10:28:15 AM

I'd say yank it, it borders on being a ZCE.


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