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12th Jan, 2020 06:16:40 AM

It seems a bit sketchy, but for me to deny this would be quite hypocritical.

12th Jan, 2020 06:29:37 AM

I was kinda thinking that too (the idea being sketchy), but my proposals would benefit the site (they're index pages). Still, I wanna assure if it's allowed hence why I'm here.

12th Jan, 2020 06:50:43 AM

Hmmmm, it would be better if you dont include your cousins and let the trope be launched on its own merits. Speaking for myself getting your cousins involved makes it seems your "cheating" or rigging it to get your trope launched.

12th Jan, 2020 08:14:47 AM

I agree, and that's why I went here for second opinion(s). Guess I'll just see how things play out naturally. Thanks guys.

12th Jan, 2020 08:23:44 AM

Let them vote on their own accord. Meatpuppetry is frowned upon.

14th Jan, 2020 11:06:42 AM

You can ask them to contribute examples and give feedback and stuff, but only they can decide if they want to vote on it.

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