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Make Private (For security bugs or stuff only for moderators)

13th Jan, 2020 11:27:11 AM

Sending a notifier or otherwise PMing them is usually preferred. For many issues it can resolve things without becoming a bigger issue. If nothing else, to me, it helps make sure that, should it come a suspension, they can't claim they didn't know they were doing anything wrong.

13th Jan, 2020 11:29:36 AM

^ Yeah, I usually wait until I've sent at least 3 notifiers before I report someone (though if it's severe, I'm less patient.)

14th Jan, 2020 01:16:37 AM

I've suspended them.

The thing about grammar/spelling issues is that when people don't know how to properly write, a notification won't fix the underlying issue. It's not like Example Indentation problems where you can point someone to a policy page that explains how to do it right. Thus suspension is the first line of defense, the existence of a notification nonwithstanding.

14th Jan, 2020 01:19:55 AM

^ True, though those notifiers do tell people to use the grammar thread, so they can't say they were never told about it.


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