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1st Jan, 2020 12:07:10 PM

Like a work page? Copy the content on the typo'ed page and create a new page under the correct title (do this as needed if there are subpages), then cutlist the typo'ed page. And check for wicks on the typo'ed page, and correct those to point to the new page.

1st Jan, 2020 02:00:06 PM

If the work page is fine and the custom title is wrong, click "more" on the top bar then "wikiword", and type in the correct title. If the page itself is at the wrong location, do ^.

1st Jan, 2020 03:49:15 PM

For the sake of clarity, and making sure the above responses will help, I recommend some more detail on what error you're looking to correct?

1st Jan, 2020 04:05:20 PM

Yeah, what's the specific error you're looking to correct?

8th Jan, 2020 05:32:28 AM

Sorry about the delay. Myth the videogame is sharing a namespace with MYth (sic) the webcomic and it's really kind of awkward. I was trying to remember if there was a quick way to fix this or not.

I was thinking of moving the videogame page to Myth: The Fallen Lords, which redirects to the current page, but it's been a long, long time since I did this stuff and couldn't remember all the stuff I need to do for that. (Ideally the current page would be cut as well to remove it from the bar at the top of the page.)

8th Jan, 2020 08:29:53 AM

That's not a typo but a page title collision. If a custom title is applied to one page, then all other namespaces with the same title will get that custom title. Disambiguating would fix that (i.e. adding a descriptor at the end). Since the page covers multiple installments of the Myth games, calling it The Fallen Lords would be misleading.

Edited by Tabs
8th Jan, 2020 07:40:24 PM

^^ The page title is the last part of the URL (in this case, Myth). The namespace is the part right before that (e.g. Webcomic or VideoGame).

9th Jan, 2020 09:52:34 AM

Right, right. But I think you see the awkwardness.

9th Jan, 2020 10:33:07 AM

Disambiguation by year is the way to go here.

9th Jan, 2020 11:58:19 AM

The video game Myth article covers multiple installments (1997, 1998, 2001).

14th Jan, 2020 06:31:29 AM

Sounds like it would be best to split the article into one for each game and attach subtitles instead. There's at least one other game called Myth out there.

14th Jan, 2020 08:45:27 AM

Sounds good. The page looks long enough that a split into the installments will have plenty of content.


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