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3rd Dec, 2019 12:34:04 AM

Yes, but we don't do this for TRS as it'd generate message spam.

3rd Dec, 2019 12:51:10 AM

There should be some way to notify people of massive trope changes, though. A banner, a mention on the homepage, a notice on the trope's page?

3rd Dec, 2019 12:58:40 AM

We can post bulletins.

3rd Dec, 2019 12:59:59 AM

Ca we not make it so that when a TRS thread is opened or has a decision made, it is posted in the trope's Discussion page? At the very least, people who follow the trope would know about it.

Edited by BlackMage43
3rd Dec, 2019 02:18:52 AM

^If a decision is made on TRS, posting a notice on the discussion page is required. In addition, if a thread is currently open, a link to the thread appears on the discussion page.

Edited by GastonRabbit
3rd Dec, 2019 07:27:02 AM

^, ^^ Not everyone follows a specific trope, so that suggestion won't work.

A bulletin sounds nice, though.

3rd Dec, 2019 11:49:19 AM

I have issue with it being on the discussion pages specifically because people never use those things unless they have a reason. Nobody is going to pop over to see if a TRS thread is opened- if they were even thinking about it, they'd go to the actual TRS instead.

3rd Dec, 2019 12:11:15 PM

^, ^^ Yeah. A bulletin does sound nice, though. Where does it go when posted?

3rd Dec, 2019 05:42:09 PM

It's on the sidebar, just below Important Links. I'll leave a Test up there for a little bit to demonstrate.

4th Dec, 2019 08:31:30 AM

Way cool. I never knew it was a thing.

4th Dec, 2019 12:24:30 PM

Yeah, that's awesome.

4th Dec, 2019 04:13:49 PM

Test bulletin's been deleted.

Edited by nombretomado

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