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2nd Dec, 2019 02:31:54 PM

I think this IS a legitimate example, but the troper who added seems to be a bit of a Moral Guardian.

2nd Dec, 2019 03:03:51 PM

It's not an example. Getting Crap Past the Radar is when a work deliberately sneaks in inappropriate content. As in, it has to be so subtle that the radar doesn't notice it. In the scene in question the harpie's chest literally covers the entire screen. It's beyond blatant.

3rd Dec, 2019 08:10:17 AM

I took it to the Getting Crap Past the Radar thread, and was told it wasn't an example. I've removed it.

I do think it comes off as someone complaining, the more i read it.

3rd Dec, 2019 09:02:09 AM

It does come off as a bit complainy, yes, btu above all it's not an example. You were right to remove it.

3rd Dec, 2019 09:41:33 AM

Has anyone taken a look at his editing history?

His edits seem to largely comprised of complaining about sexual content (admittedly including cases where the original entry was too far the other way, or just plain complaining (though those linked examples are limited to headscratchers pages).

He certainly has some fine edits, of course. But the majority of the recent edits seem to fall under those categories.

Edited by Larkmarn
3rd Dec, 2019 02:19:51 PM

I removed a much older edit of his on the What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids? page the other day that was pretty much complaining about Disney now owning The Simpsons and other adult cartoons from Fox.

3rd Dec, 2019 02:21:47 PM

Note that I he P Med me after I removed one of his edits due to Natter and Example Indentation. I sent him to the respective administrivia pages and also told him to look into Righting Great Wrongs as his language made it clear that this was something of a crusade. These were his next edits.

Edited by Larkmarn
3rd Dec, 2019 02:30:25 PM

Europeiscool was previously suspended for playing at Moral Guardians in work reviews, which did not appear to seep into their edits. Once they were released, they immediately began to inject that same perspective into the wiki proper (note all the date stamps are after their suspension release). They have been resuspended.

^ Removed that entry.

Edited by nombretomado
6th Dec, 2019 08:23:27 AM

Noting that europeiscool has been bounced for ban-evasion.

In my experience, someone deluding himself that he's doing the right thing for a sacred cause tends to not give up after one evasion attempt, so... keep an eye out.


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