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2nd Dec, 2019 08:22:47 AM

^ Aversions are okay to list for universal, omnipresent tropes. Dying as Yourself is not an omnipresent trope.

Dying Brainwashed sounds like an interesting concept. Looking through the list of Death Tropes, I don't think we have it.

Edited by XFllo
2nd Dec, 2019 01:39:38 PM

Depending on the case, if the other guy tries to Beat the Curse Out of Him and he dies instead, you can use that trope but subverted. Dying as Yourself could also be subverted if the narration (or another character) banks on the brainwashed guy turning normal as he dies.

But more importantly, I don't know what you mean by "dignity". Does the story present "the guy didn't end up Dying as Yourself" as tragic, or is it just in the eyes of the viewer?

Edited by 4tell0life4
2nd Dec, 2019 04:25:28 PM

Both could work, but I'm mostly talking about the former.

2nd Dec, 2019 08:44:34 PM

This isn't a trope. It's just the absence of Dying as Yourself.

3rd Dec, 2019 05:28:10 AM

^ Not true. It's absence/non-use of Dying as Yourself, but other dying trope is present. If we collect enough examples, we might have a new trope on the table. That is to say if there really is a pattern with meaning and story-telling purpose.


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