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1st Dec, 2019 12:18:12 PM

This is actually the perfect place!

Here's a courtesy link to the user's edits. And...oof, you're right, look at these edits...

1st Dec, 2019 12:19:54 PM

They are very, very new....I don't like suspending new tropers right off the bat, but it may come to this.

Sent them a custom notifier warning them and asking them to come here immediately to discuss how to edit more productively. We'll see if they take the advice.

Edited by nombretomado
2nd Dec, 2019 01:21:38 AM

They've proceeded to ignore your notifier and add several more edits to their list.

2nd Dec, 2019 04:32:26 AM

Yeah, putting two tropes on the same line, no CamelCase, ZC Es, and just generally bad grammar.

I would send them a notifier, but if they’re going to not pay attention to a mod, I don’t see how they’ll pay attention to mine.

2nd Dec, 2019 05:58:52 AM

They've been suspended.

2nd Dec, 2019 01:20:12 PM

Next account launched in 3...

Still, thanks for stopping further damage. Out of curiosity: is there some magic mod button labelled "revert all changes made by user X", or it has to be done manually? Asking, since I would rather not make such clear-up manually if there is an alternative.

2nd Dec, 2019 01:20:53 PM

^ There actually is a mod-revert function.

2nd Dec, 2019 01:37:49 PM

Oh thank God. I'm still trying to wrap my head how one can make such edits into already existing pages. I would get it if someone launched a new article, made from a scratch. Sure, let's go with that. But when it's editing something that already exists and has countless examples of proper formatting all over it, it's just confusing when someone is not following it by sheer "monkey see, monkey do" effect.

2nd Dec, 2019 02:06:10 PM

Best not to speculate on that sort of thing. All we can do is revert/fix the edits and see what they have to say for themselves if/when they appeal.

2nd Dec, 2019 02:17:37 PM

Keep an eye on the new tropers list too, just in case they try to come back that way.

2nd Dec, 2019 04:31:04 PM

OK, did a mod revert on all the edits done 12/1 (some were already manually done).


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