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30th Nov, 2019 12:28:29 PM

^ Nah, this is more like using "kids have vivid imaginations" as an excuse.

I've actually seen it before in a different context, where the heroes were accusing the villains of their actions, and they kept pulling the "wild imaginations" card to make others less trusting of what the (teenaged) heroes were claiming.

30th Nov, 2019 02:38:49 PM

Reading the title makes me think of Youth Is Wasted on the Dumb in general

1st Dec, 2019 12:38:25 PM

Nah, thatís ignoring important stuff.

MetaFour MOD
1st Dec, 2019 01:52:59 PM

Cassandra Truth is the general idea of revealing the truth and everyone around you just doesn't believe you. But I don't think we have anything specifically about "Oh my, what an imagination!" as an excuse to dismiss what the truth-teller says.

1st Dec, 2019 03:51:10 PM

Probably a case of Weirdness Censor as an Exploited Trope, taking advantage of the perception of any fictional kid as Just a Kid (and thus segueing into Not Now, Kiddo and further exploiting Adults Are Useless) to deliberately trip people's censors.


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