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30th Nov, 2019 08:57:29 PM

Well, you don't need a permission to start a TLP draft. That's encouraged. :-)

If the draft and your suggested working title gets enough support (in the discussion and with hats), you can ask to have the redirect removed by mods. Those requests are posted in locked pages thread. I suppose it won't be a problem. Those old names were kept as redirects mostly to preserve inbound links and not to have cut pages. Getting a brand new page with the old name is even better than a redirect IMO.

However, if it's not approved, people can come up with another name. Tropers are usually good at that.

Edited by XFllo
1st Dec, 2019 01:45:32 AM

Seems like this might make an interesting trope.

1st Dec, 2019 04:54:06 AM

It's worth at least a discussion in TLP, but I'm gonna say now that I don't see how "literal references to division by zero" is a trope.

Edited by nrjxll

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