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25th Nov, 2019 04:04:14 PM

I'm pretty sure your interpretation is indeed the correct interpretation of Creator Backlash. The actual trope here would, IMO, probably be Old Shame, although these sound like minor enough regrets that troping them seems a bit silly.

Edited by nrjxll
25th Nov, 2019 04:14:24 PM

Yeah, those look like Old Shame entries to me.

25th Nov, 2019 04:42:08 PM

I agree that itís Old Shame and the entries should thus be reclassified.

25th Nov, 2019 04:53:28 PM

Are we sure Creator Backlash isn't about flaws the creator sees in their work? Otherwise the only difference between it and Old Shame is "popularity", which can be hard to ascertain sometimes.

25th Nov, 2019 05:45:57 PM

Maybe we can ask about it in this thread?

25th Nov, 2019 05:51:01 PM

That might be worth doing. I didn't initially think Old Shame fitted the entries, but that's possibly because these entries are minor (parts of the work) rather than about the work as a whole. So, I may have been looking at the trope on the wrong scale.


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