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Have a question about how the TVTropes wiki works? No one knows this community better than the people in it, so ask away! Ask the Tropers is the page you come to when you have a question burning in your brain and the support pages didn't help. It's not for everything, though. For a list of all the resources for your questions, click here.

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8th Nov, 2019 06:25:48 PM

Yeah, just delete it.

8th Nov, 2019 06:29:45 PM

See This Is A Wiki. I especially like the phrase Be Bold. We are all encouraged to delete misuse. If you leave an edit reason, everyone will see why you removed something. And if someone else disagrees, it can be discussed.

8th Nov, 2019 06:32:32 PM

Either delete the original entry in its entirety or replace it with the last paragraph you wrote here. Given that Toxic, Inc. defines a company that pollutes heavily, I'd say Global Chemicals fits the trope to a tee.

8th Nov, 2019 06:42:07 PM

Thanks for the replies. I was feeling reluctant because Iíve had tropers a couple of times send me messages to question an entry Iíd made, and the fact that tropers did ask me rather than just editing on their own made me wonder if there was an unwritten courtesy rule about that. But Iíll go ahead and change the entry.

8th Nov, 2019 06:45:41 PM

Well, that never hurts, but in a situation like this, it's unnecessary.


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