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7th Nov, 2019 05:46:55 PM

Delete it. Inactive characters do have tropes.

7th Nov, 2019 05:57:03 PM

Roleplays still fall under The Fic May Be Yours, but the Trope Page Is Ours. It's a rule for all the pages & media here. So, yeah, I vote for nailing that line. It does sound like someone's trying to claim ownership of the page.

Edited by FranksGirl
7th Nov, 2019 06:54:15 PM

Roleplays follow the same rules as every other work, and there's no rule anywhere that supports unpersoning characters who haven't appeared in a work recently.

7th Nov, 2019 07:40:36 PM

I agree with cutting it, for reasons already stated.

7th Nov, 2019 08:36:52 PM

Wonderful. I'm glad we all agree. And thanks for taking the notice off.

7th Nov, 2019 10:56:52 PM

Aye, that kind of note is inappropriate. Any character can be troped, even if they currently do not appear.

8th Nov, 2019 11:17:06 AM

Someone named SHAEN The Brain like, 4 years ago.

8th Nov, 2019 11:29:06 AM

^ The user hasn't been active for years, too, so there's no point in sending a notifier.


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