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9th Oct, 2019 02:24:12 PM

They've also improperly launched Cat Hairballs Ren And Stimpy, which is meant to be a works page, as a trope.

9th Oct, 2019 02:35:26 PM

^ I'm trying to fix the Cat Hairballs one.

As far as "correcting my previous mistakes", I don't have a memory of every single thing I supposedly messed up on in some way. And the ones I am more aware of I am trying to give more context to my examples.

9th Oct, 2019 02:36:43 PM

^ You can't fix it.

The launch button on the TLP is for launching tropes.

For works, you're meant to copy the draft's source, and paste it onto a work's page- in this case, Music.Cat Hairballs.

9th Oct, 2019 02:42:53 PM

You can find your previous edits in your editing history. You can access it if from your tropers/ page Drakos 25 if you click on the first button (Drakos 25's edits).

9th Oct, 2019 02:52:38 PM

^^ Moved it to Cat Hairballs. Now I need to delete the old page that has it listed as a trope instead of a work.

9th Oct, 2019 02:54:16 PM

^ It'll be unlaunched. Once it is, you can just discard the draft page.

9th Oct, 2019 07:10:17 PM

Main.Cat Hairballs Ren And Stimpy has been cut.

Drakos25, please work on resolving these issues before creating new pages. As difficult as it may be to work through what seems like a lot of criticism, it's a necessity to be a quality contributor. An inability to resolve may lead to further action that will restrict your ability to edit.

9th Oct, 2019 07:32:44 PM

^ I am trying to resolve these issues. But every time I do, it's never apparently good enough. Like every time I try something, tgey move the goal posts so that it suddenly isn't up to standard.

9th Oct, 2019 07:42:11 PM

The standards are not being moved. If you'd like additional assistance, then you can use some forum threads to get additional opinions:

Zero-context examples, natter, example indentation, to start.

Please note that accusing other tropers are bad faith does not look great. I haven't seen any goalpost-moving, or incorrect instruction, from any other troper. Sometimes tropers may disagree, but you are essentially ending any effort of communication if you choose to declare that they are doing you wrong.

9th Oct, 2019 08:27:24 PM

^ I did not mean to come off like I was accusing anyone of anything. I was merely venting.

I love this site and want to keep contributing, and the fact that I apparently keep getting things wrong is frustrating.

9th Oct, 2019 08:28:51 PM

That's understandable, but we're going to get through things a lot smoother if we all refrain from taking out our frustrations on other tropers, alright?

Feel free to create further queries here, or in the forum threads linked. There are a lot of resources around to assist.

9th Oct, 2019 10:31:24 PM

^ I fixed the indentation issue on Oireland (at least I believe it is in the right format based on the what the administrivia page shows).

I've also been trying to clear up the natter (as best as I can tell what natter is)

9th Oct, 2019 11:45:12 PM

So, what is natter exactly? I read the page describing it, but I'm still not sure if I have a clear idea of what it is or what kind of things count as it.

9th Oct, 2019 11:51:11 PM

Natter is essentially holding a conversation within an example, or otherwise adding on irrelevant information. Debating with an example, taking on excess information unrelated to the trope, making a Justifying Edit, that's all natter.

Or, in other words, every example should sound like it was written by a singular voice, the troper Hive Mind, rather than multiple people talking to each other.

Edited by WarJay77

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