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8th Oct, 2019 10:13:08 PM

IBM and RPG Maker are completely unrelated. IBM PCs were discontinued about half a decade before the first RPG Maker engine was even released.

9th Oct, 2019 12:55:03 AM

I'd imagine most (if not all) modern PCs aren't fully compatible with old-school IBM PCs, due to the use of newer technology like Serial ATA, USB, and UEFI over Parallel ATA, PS/2, and the traditional PC BIOS. Plus, 64-bit versions of Windows (as well as Unix-like operating systems) require an emulator like DOSBox to run DOS software.

Edited by GastonRabbit
10th Oct, 2019 07:23:57 AM

So, remove RPG Maker games from IBM PC...

Split IBM PC into whatever came after that, whatever we're using right now with Windows?

10th Oct, 2019 09:05:22 AM

^I'm pretty sure UsefulNotes.Microsoft Windows is locked, so you'd have to ask a mod to edit it, though UsefulNotes.Steam isn't locked if you were wanting to list newer PC games there (since Steam is pretty much the standard these days). UsefulNotes.UNIX isn't locked as far as I know, so Linux games could still be put on there.

I'd also like to note that the term IBM PC compatible (for computers not made by IBM, but compatible with the same software and hardware) is kind of dated, and I think the term stopped being used no later than the mid-'90s (which was also when Windows 95 was released).

Edit: Wikipedia's IBM PC compatible page says "The term 'IBM PC compatible' is now a historical description only, since IBM has ended its personal computer sales."

Edited by GastonRabbit
10th Oct, 2019 09:26:34 AM

So, games now are more defined by OS supported than hardware it's run on...

10th Oct, 2019 01:41:39 PM

^ - Isn't that about distribution platforms only? IBM / Windows are umm... Not distribution platforms.

They're... Something else. I don't have a word to group them together.


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