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8th Oct, 2019 02:05:34 AM

Short of recreating it, I'm stumped.

8th Oct, 2019 09:56:39 AM

Light Novels also isn't on the Index Index at all (the namespaces thing at the bottom is for Light Novel works with indexed subpages).

I'm also stumped. I tried fiddling around with the Light Novel redirect as well (there's a double-indexing bug for works on Administrivia.Pages Needing Images and its redirect Main.Pages Needing Images so who knows) to no effect.

9th Oct, 2019 07:52:55 PM

Yeah, we're stumped as well. Speculation was that it was the Chinese characters, but removing that didn't do it. I'll pass it off to the devs, see if they have an idea.

9th Oct, 2019 08:25:34 PM

Ok. I created Sandbox.Light Novels and messed around for a bit. Something in folder r-z is breaking the index. Not sure why.

Eureka. LightNovel.Sekkaku Cheat Wo Moratte Isekai Ni Teni Shita N Dakara Suki Na You Ni Ikitemitai is just too damn long. Breaks the index.

Edited by TheRoguePenguin
9th Oct, 2019 10:30:32 PM

That title rings a bell... Ah. There was a thread about being unable to create the light novel's work page. So the answer is the character limit.

Edited by Tabs

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