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6th Oct, 2019 09:05:08 PM

I wouldn't mind them being deleted; they're misuse of the trope. Send a notifier to the troper(s) responsible so they know what's up.

6th Oct, 2019 09:13:51 PM

I sent notifiers to the tropers.

7th Oct, 2019 04:05:05 AM

Tamatoa counts because he is literally luminescent, he is covered with gold and his villain song is called Shiny. I would argue that Ernesto's symbolism goes a bit further than him wearing white, since it is there to make him look more admirable, as opposed to say the Kingpin who just wears white to look rich.

Edited by Keshali
7th Oct, 2019 01:25:41 PM

Tamatao is already covered in Bright Is Not Good as he has no holy/light powers nor any traditional good appearance.

Plenty of undead wear white and Ernesto has no light symbolism.

8th Oct, 2019 04:54:42 AM

He still produces actual light, rather than just be bright. Plus, the association of gold and everything.

8th Oct, 2019 05:47:39 AM

If it's been determined that he fits under Bright Is Not Good instead of Light Is Not Good, then he cannot be put under Light Is Not Good. Please don't force your interpretations onto the wiki.

8th Oct, 2019 09:28:53 AM

Bright Is Not Good is about evil characters wearing loud, bright colors- not white. Villains who wear white do not count as Bright Is Not Good.

This discussion is relevant to an ongoing TRS thread about Man in White, which may be redefined to cover certain instances of white-clad villains.

I'm wondering if Light Is Not Good needs a TRS discussion as well, since this question has come up several times recently.

8th Oct, 2019 10:33:55 AM

Why can't White be Bright?

8th Oct, 2019 11:05:35 AM

Isn't white the common color for Brightness?

8th Oct, 2019 04:46:21 PM

I consider white and bright to be connected myself, as white is a combination of all colors and is immediately noticeable.

Tamatao isn't doing light powers, he's just shiny which is Bright Is Not Good.

Ernesto is still a creepy skeleton, the only way I could see him qualifying is if he had powerful holy abilities.

8th Oct, 2019 05:31:06 PM

Maybe we should make a trope about villains wearing white. I mean, just because someone wears white doesn't mean they are immediately associated with the element of light.

8th Oct, 2019 06:21:17 PM

^ Well that's kind of the thing; people think white = light, when it doesn't.

8th Oct, 2019 06:56:32 PM

On Ernesto, maybe he wearing sparkling clothing that make it bright?

11th Oct, 2019 01:36:24 PM

Ernesto wears a dull white uniform, here's a image link. Several other undead in the land of the dead wear white too, I don't think there's any light theming.

11th Oct, 2019 01:55:06 PM

I agree with Master Hero, there needs to be a trope for villains wearing white. There are a lot of examples where we have villains wearing white, but without invoking light symbolism necessarily.

Maybe call it "White is not good" or something like that.

11th Oct, 2019 02:15:10 PM

Again, the issue is that White clothing has nothing to do with Light heroes. Not just that white doesn't always equal light.

11th Oct, 2019 02:54:29 PM

it may be time to take this to the fora.


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