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6th Oct, 2019 10:31:23 PM

Bumping since, although I did hear back from them via PM, their grammar has not substantially improved. For example, their 6 October edit to Trivia.Kantai Collection references a game being released "last December 18th 2018", which not only makes no sense - how many December 18th 2018s are there? - but, even if it were re-written as "last December 18th", would violate Examples Are Not Recent. The edit reasons for their re-addition to YMMV.The Rising Of The Shield Hero mentioned in keyblade333's ATT query (entitled "Meme Evaluation") are also garbled, and they made a mess of the indentation of the existing examples in the process.

Edited by mlsmithca
7th Oct, 2019 04:26:07 PM

Given the givens, they have been suspended for a hopefully quick discussion on the issues at-hand.

8th Oct, 2019 11:15:09 AM

If their last edit before being suspended (to AwesomeMusic.Armored Core) is anything to go on, they may need to spend quite some time in the "Get Help With English Here" thread. Their grasp of indentation is also still a bit shaky, although they are making an effort.


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