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3rd Oct, 2019 01:58:30 PM

I'm a bit puzzled. Are you looking at this situation as the story frames it (in which case it might be Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!), or are you taking issue with that framing (which would be Designated Hero)?

3rd Oct, 2019 02:00:05 PM

What happens to Sandra afterward? Is she sort of OK about it?

3rd Oct, 2019 02:13:32 PM

^@Reymma: I'm looking at it in terms of both plot progression and Eloise's character. Like I said, she's an antagonist to Sandra, but she kinda unintentionally did her cousin a favor.

Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! only counts when the bad guy's plan backfires and helps the hero(s). Except Eloise's plan didn't backfire, it worked. It just so happens that her cousin also benefited from it, but she was plotting against Sandra, not him.

^^@4tell0life4: Sandra gets over it and moves on with the one she was cheating on him with. Pierre is the one left heartbroken over it.

Edited by MiinU
3rd Oct, 2019 02:40:11 PM

^ There may be a trope about being "accidentally helpful" that is not tied to being a hero or a villain.

3rd Oct, 2019 02:57:03 PM

^That one's close to what I'm thinking, so I might go with that if there isn't a better one. Thanks.

^^I'll do a quick search and see if there's a trope like that.


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