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11th Sep, 2019 10:45:48 AM

Thanks for the warning, duly noted.

I don't think Knees Knocking Together entirely covers it, the appeal / what makes the trope amusing (at least to me) is that the entire outline of the body of the animated character seems to quake / shiver, like a visible ripple of goosebumps - or a cat's fur standing on end, except characters exhibiting the shiver don't necessarily have fur. (Although of course one of the examples I mentioned was Jiji the cat, and I also remember Tom from Tom and Jerry getting so startled his outline goes all jagged). Also, Knees Knocking Together seems to be all about quaking in fear, not quaking with other emotions.

Perhaps (assuming a trope page is created collecting examples from different media) it should focus on that ripple effect of the outline of the character, to make it clear that this is a trope collecting shivers / shakes caused by all manner of emotions and / or environmental factors?

Dropping the Studio Ghibli Shiver trope name, what else could be used? The expression Giving Me the Shivers might work (though it's not especially witty), but it at least covers the shivering caused by emotions that are not exclusively fear part of it.

I've also always been fond of heebie-jeebies (as in that gives me the heebie-jeebies) but i think that's only used for creepy and / or gross things, which doesn't cover shivering in a pleasant way.

Perhaps something including the word Frisson (a brief moment of emotional excitement; a shudder, a thrill) might work? Although frisson is a rather pretentious word XD Or perhaps The Great Shakes? (Great implying the shiver is easily visible to the viewer and / or other characters)

Just thinking out loud here.

Willbyr MOD
11th Sep, 2019 11:49:33 AM

It's definitely not Knees Knocking Together...the only way I know to describe it in general is as a full body shiver, just done in a particular way.

11th Sep, 2019 01:22:54 PM

^Yep, that'd be Knees Knocking Together. It's just horribly named (and even manages to mention a better name in the description, Shaking Like A Leaf)

Quaking With Fear is another that would better describe what the trope actually covers.

Willbyr MOD
11th Sep, 2019 02:11:04 PM

^ Not in the sense that the OP is talking about...that trope is talking about characters trembling in fear or nervousness where what's being asked about is a specific type of full-body shiver that's almost like an electric shock and is a reaction to a stimulus that's not necessarily fear. See here at around the 0:20 mark for one of the mentioned examples...I can't find a good clip of the other.

Edited by Willbyr
11th Sep, 2019 08:56:52 PM

If you do start a draft on Trope Launch Pad, don't call it "Giving Me the Shivers", that runs afoul of the No New Stock Phrases rule.

12th Sep, 2019 05:46:34 AM

Thanks for the heads up! Man, coming up with a trope name sure is a lot more complicated than I thought...not complaining, all those rules make sense, but damn.

I just remembered another example of the kind of shiver I mean, from episode 3 of season 1 of Mob Psycho 100 where Ekubo / Dimple challenges him to a milk-drinking duel and then mixes something gross into the milk. It's around 14:20

12th Sep, 2019 07:44:42 AM

Probably start with Full Body Shiver (Clear, Concise, Witty) and see if anyone in TLP can come up with a wittier name.

12th Sep, 2019 08:17:10 AM

Thanks, I'll do that! I thought about Head to Toe Tremble (for the alliteration) and then I realized that all examples I could think of start from the bottom and work their way up to the head, so that wouldn't work. (And Head to Toes might also be a stock phrase)

Many thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts and tips!

12th Sep, 2019 08:51:09 AM

The important thing on the stock phrases is that the title should be a descriptor, not a line of dialogue- "giving me the shivers" is a stock phrase, but head-to-toe tremble would be fine, and you could do a redirect for toe-to-head tremble to make it clear that the reverse works too.

I would actively avoid using the word shiver, through- as noted, shivering with fear is the badly-named Knees Knocking Together. If you've got anything here, it's the Editorial Synaesthesia of representing a thrill or wave of emotion via a body-wave.

Edited by Scorpion451
12th Sep, 2019 11:18:58 AM

↑ I'd never heard of Editorial Synaesthesia, I think the shiver I'm talking about would work very well as a sub-trope of that! Thanks for telling me, I've included it in my TLP post.


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