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10th Sep, 2019 01:52:15 PM

I'm not sure about the others.

Edited by MiinU
10th Sep, 2019 02:46:59 PM

^ 6 doesn't die. They do absolutely anything to keep her alive. She's just... not there. Some halfway mentally fused with God. Person of Mass Destruction. Cannot comprehend emotion. Reality Warper. Intangible half the time. Cannot perceive people who are not introduced to her. Shit like that.

Edited by Lermis
10th Sep, 2019 08:22:40 PM

5 would be The Anti-Nihilist, 8 sounds like Morality Chip.

Edited by phalanx
10th Sep, 2019 09:25:27 PM

9 sounds like Giant Space Flea from Nowhere. that's normally a video game trope, but it seems to fit there.

11th Sep, 2019 12:05:56 AM

^^ 8 is wrong, that guy has Telepathy and he needs the program to enter someone's sealed mind.

^^^ 4 and 6 are the same person, sorry for not making that clear.

11th Sep, 2019 12:19:22 AM

^ Was that a response to me? Because I don't fully see how existing on a different plane would exclude someone from being a One-Track-Minded Artist...

11th Sep, 2019 05:45:51 AM

^ I guess I'm just not seeing the "artist" aspect in the character.

11th Sep, 2019 10:02:06 AM

^ If they're obsessed with mural making...

11th Sep, 2019 01:55:31 PM

2) the reasons matter more than what they did, so we'll need that.

4) If you make lots of murals of one person's face, you're a One-Track-Minded Artist. (Not seeing what's confusing you here, honestly.)

6) (Side note that this aspect has no bearing on what would apply for the previous one.) Intangibility with a variant of Just One Second Out of Sync as the explanation (just one millimeter out of sync, if you will)

7) As Miin U said for the wrong number: Sacrificial Lamb, or Kill the Cutie (if they're female, young, innocent, etc.) I'll also add Sacrificial Lion if they're well-developed in the time they're around, and their death has continuing repercussions.

8) Amplifier Artifact

Edited by Scorpion451
11th Sep, 2019 02:53:48 PM

^It was no.6 at the time, as noted by Lermis' reply directly below mine.

Edited by MiinU

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