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10th Sep, 2019 05:48:28 PM

If we're talking in-universe examples, autobiographies would fall under Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue".

10th Sep, 2019 07:18:10 PM

What if it was a real one? Bias Steamroller maybe?

11th Sep, 2019 05:58:56 PM

See also Poe's Law and The Tyson Zone when they're so off the deep end that its hard to tell what is and isn't made up.

Nero is an example from the ancient world: he probably didn't have part of Rome burned, but he did build his new palace in the cleared land via ambiguously legal real estate deals and fund it with public money. He probably didn't kill people who refused to show up, but he did apparently put on extremely long Giftedly Bad one man shows that you were obligated to show up to and praise if you wanted to curry favor.

12th Sep, 2019 08:58:41 PM


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