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8th Sep, 2019 02:50:25 PM

I don't know what this is about, but the comment says they're blacklisted "due to their Broken Base" — meaning that yes, they have a lot of people who hate them, but also a lot of people who vocally don't.

I'd say "have you tried Base-Breaking Character", but that's a definition-only page.

8th Sep, 2019 04:36:30 PM

Although they can be added to BaseBreakingCharacter.Pokemon if they aren't there already

Edited by Libraryseraph
8th Sep, 2019 05:44:43 PM

Just be sure to acknowledge all sides equally.

Scrappies don't just need large hatedoms, but majority hatedoms, and other criteria that the Scrappy cleanup thread deemed not to apply to them.

11th Sep, 2019 07:13:36 AM

Okay I understand. I mean the problem is that what if a character is so disliked to the point that saying that you like them is an unpopular opinion. Wouldnít you think the character was a scrappy???

11th Sep, 2019 08:20:53 AM

An option being unpopular with some doesn't mean it's the majority option which is the definition of this trope.

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught

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