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10th Sep, 2019 03:29:02 PM


FUCKING DOUBLE POST! Why does this keep happening?!

Edited by WolfThunder
10th Sep, 2019 08:03:51 PM

That does sound rather long, and loses the plot towards the's a quick hack-up to resolve some of the more outstanding things:

"SD Gundam gets constantly derided by fans for being "kiddy" shows with "too cutesy" Gundams, when compared to the more serious mainline works. As such, it is looked down upon for "trying to dumb down" the franchise as whole. The main culprit for this perception? SD Gundam Force, which received immediate backlash in stark contrast to more typical Gundam shows airing at the same time. This later became the entire subfranchise being perceived as a blemish, with the two hardest hit works the two anime series that came after Force (Brave Battle Warriors and Sangoku Soketsuden). People once again judged the Gundam designs again, and wrote both off as childish drivel. While the claims of silliness aren't EXACTLY inaccurate, they still contains the serious moments that you would expect from a Gundam work, just not as hard as the main Gundam works.

This also seems like it's more complaining about fans, then describing how SD Gundam is coloring the perception of Gundam as a whole.


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