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26th Aug, 2019 09:05:34 PM

Yeah, we don't trope leaks. None of that information should up on the pages.


...It did seem a bit early for them to be uploaded. I mean, it's early as is, but only by barely a month at most.

26th Aug, 2019 09:07:05 PM

Yep, take them down.

28th Aug, 2019 06:53:37 PM

Oh, I didn't know that...

28th Aug, 2019 06:59:42 PM

Many probably didn't. No worries.

31st Aug, 2019 11:06:07 AM

QUESTION: "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S9 E22 "Growing Up is Hard to Do"" was said to have aired on the 30th, it's been a day but I can find nothing to suggest it aired, and I've heard Australia canceled their early releases.

Has it aired? There's stuff I want to add or remove depending.

UPDATE: No it wan't aired.

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught
3rd Sep, 2019 11:41:45 AM

Bumping to point out latest leaks.

At this point, how about we just say not to trope them until the official US release to avoid this debate. Ditto for the Equestria Girls Holidays Unwrapped special.

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught
3rd Sep, 2019 05:03:47 PM

That's what I've been saying since day one because this show has bad luck about external sources accidentally leaking shit before official approval from Hasbro/The Hub but nobody listened.

3rd Sep, 2019 05:26:00 PM

Thanks for the information, Ferot.

3rd Sep, 2019 05:52:28 PM

^^ Cryptid, the other discussions were correctly regarding spoiler policy and the responsible implementation of them in cases of Short Run in Peru situations. This kind of commentary is not constructive.

11th Sep, 2019 10:38:55 AM

Bumping to announce the official airdates and summaries are out.

As long as we limit to what's revealed in the official promotional material and avoid Speculative Troping, I believe we can start adding tropes to them. Right?

12th Sep, 2019 10:51:22 AM

After having to remove leaks from the villains character pages for the fourth or so time, l propose locking them until the finale airs.

Any objections?

12th Sep, 2019 11:06:41 AM

^ Take it to the Locked Pages thread.

13th Sep, 2019 10:21:06 AM

After a troper confused being given airdates with them airing (this misunderstanding was cleared up once I PM'd them), I added commented out notifications not to add anything from the leaks until the official airing to the effected pages.

If problems persist I'll ask for a lock then.


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