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13th Aug, 2019 08:00:23 PM

I think it should be OK.

14th Aug, 2019 12:12:32 AM

I think a link is fine. If anything, it feels less advertise-y than the other option you mentioned.

14th Aug, 2019 01:35:48 AM

We are no so hard on spam that a mere mention of a commercial outfit would count as spam.

14th Aug, 2019 04:19:14 AM

^ - Cool. ... So, should, or shouldn't, I link to the store pages, for Amazon books?


Also, made my change to Cute Knight. How is it?

Edited by Malady
14th Aug, 2019 09:18:54 AM

Linking to e.g. Amazon pages is a little too advertisey, just saying it is available on Amazon is the preferred option.

14th Aug, 2019 01:59:34 PM

But, linking to games' pages are fine?

Not being passive-agressive, just trying to find the line.

14th Aug, 2019 02:09:53 PM

^ The demo is presumably free, which is what I feel is the difference.

"Go here for a free thing!" is ok, but "Go here to buy this!" is not.

15th Aug, 2019 05:52:49 AM

I feel like it's not a good idea because demos are generally only available for a while. It's asking the page to be out of date sooner or later.

Same reason we want to ideally link images hosted on TVT rather than on an outside site; there's no guarantee that link will keep working.

15th Aug, 2019 01:16:35 PM

^ "demos are generally only available for a while". That's news to me. In my experience, demos stick around so people can try a sample before committing to the full (paid) version, that's part of the whole point of them.

15th Aug, 2019 01:18:18 PM

And in at least one case, the demo is an entirely unique experience.


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