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13th Aug, 2019 02:12:35 PM

A theme park is entertainment. A scary ride or some such isn't troping real life because it isn't real, just an interactive event meant to scare.

Edited by TheRoguePenguin
13th Aug, 2019 02:38:50 PM

What Penguin said. The rides, exhibits and shows at a theme park are creative works and can be troped.

It should be added, though, that scary things that just happen to happen at a theme park could fall under Real Life. For example if a ride is so scary it gives you nightmares, it's tropable Nightmare Fuel. But if there's a scary accident at a ride, it's Real Life and not tropable (the accident was presumably not intended by the ride designers, so it's not part of the creative work).

13th Aug, 2019 02:52:10 PM

In cases like this, as well as Toys, its hard to tell if its a real life example or a work.

13th Aug, 2019 03:04:59 PM

What about abandoned theme parks? Do those fall under the same rules?

13th Aug, 2019 03:06:05 PM

There's a cleanup thread for Nightmare Fuel so if there are any examples you think might be toeing the line between fictional and real-life, you could swing by and ask us for our opinion.

I do see a few theme park examples that seem to be about real accidents.


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