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13th Aug, 2019 12:05:35 PM

If it isn't, then a lot of fanfic/fanwork pages need to be cleaned up. But I would assume that adaptation tropes do apply for fics.

I do remember that a while ago I was told to move certain fanwork examples from Flanderization to Character Exaggeration because they were adaptions, not the work themself.

Edited by pikachu17
13th Aug, 2019 12:53:55 PM

They count, yes. They count in reimaginings, retellings and rewrites.

Flanderization is not acceptable though, it should be Character Exaggeration.

13th Aug, 2019 01:19:03 PM

^ Alright, thank you! I was curious if fan works count as "adaptations".

13th Aug, 2019 10:42:30 PM

They count, but can't be mentioned on the original work's page.

14th Aug, 2019 05:36:31 AM

I had this discussion with a mod a while back. His statement was basically "fanworks aren't adaptations, but let's act as though they are."


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