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11th Aug, 2019 01:36:04 AM

Yeah, I can't find shit either.

Safe to say this is complete bunk from an obscure Creepypasta or image board post.

Edit: even more baffling, it seems like it came from the original launchpad entries and has been there since 2015. Can anyone pull up the original launch pad for the trope and see what the hell is going on and if any context was given with the entry?

Edited by CryptidProductions
11th Aug, 2019 01:49:48 AM

The troper behind the original TLP is still active, so I'mma go PM him and see if he remembers where it came from.

Edit: PM sent.

Edit 2: Found the draft! Interestingly, while the example is the draft itself, it's not in the history.

Edited by Crossover-Enthusiast
11th Aug, 2019 03:24:38 AM

I found the troper that added it in the comments of the draft and PM'd them because they're still active.

11th Aug, 2019 01:50:35 PM

So should I wait for a response, or just send it to the dump?

11th Aug, 2019 02:21:33 PM

Wait for a response.

I'm curious if there's actually a source we're just not finding on something.

11th Aug, 2019 05:39:05 PM

The last line seems like a strong indication that this is fiction: "It was then discovered that there were thirteen people in the cast, thirteen musicians in the band and thirteen songs in the show." How on earth would they get to the point of casting, much less further into the rehearsals/production, before "discovering" how many songs were in the show? (The "discovery" of the number of cast members/musicians could possibly mean the number left after all the incidents, but the number of songs in the show should be right there in the script.)

11th Aug, 2019 06:23:14 PM


Have you got a response yet?

Edited by DayBreakChannel
13th Aug, 2019 05:41:14 PM

I'm going to delete the entry if there is still no response.

14th Aug, 2019 11:16:10 AM

That's it, since there has been no response, I will be cutting the entry.

If a source has been found, please PM me.

14th Aug, 2019 11:59:00 AM

I'm being told by the person that added it they found it one of the Books of Heroic Failures by Stephen Pile.


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