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4th Aug, 2019 11:55:28 AM

This sort of question seems better suited for the "Is This An Example?" thread:

4th Aug, 2019 01:18:57 PM

Yeah, so, uh... please note that Halo was Birdy 18 ban evading, so I guess this can be locked.

4th Aug, 2019 01:49:57 PM

I didn't see a mod note or anything to confirm that in public?

Though yeah, pretttttttty obvious just by the fact it's the same exact question. If it somehow wasn't ban evasion, it was meatpuppeting, which isn't any better.

Anyway, locking sounds good~

4th Aug, 2019 01:56:57 PM

^ I sent Fighteer a PM and he kicked them both, dunno why he didn't stop by or mention it anywhere though.

4th Aug, 2019 02:15:25 PM

Ah, that explains it. Thank you.


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