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11th Aug, 2019 09:40:36 AM

There's no need to start creating new subpages, even the MLP subpage isn't yet that big. And Crossover/ isn't a valid namespace anyway, methinks.

But yes, ideally a crossover should be listed in every relevant index. Takes for example BAMF Girls' Club, which is in 7 different Fan Works index, including the one for Crossovers.

Now, plenty of those listed in Crossovers are only listed there, mostly for Mega Crossover as it takes lots of time to mention them on every relevant page. It will take time, but eventually most will be covered everywhere.

11th Aug, 2019 10:13:40 AM

^ Crossover/ is a "too many examples to list on the trope's main page" namespace.

11th Aug, 2019 08:33:21 PM

Bump since it's in the lower half of page 1...

13th Aug, 2019 05:01:53 AM

Bumping again, but if no response, assuming consensus is "We don't need it quite yet".

And "Don't make CrossOver.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Fan Works".


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