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27th Jul, 2019 11:53:53 PM

I was actually thinking about this same problem.

I think a good way of handling it would be to make Betsy Braddock its own thing, focusing on her as Psylocke and Captain Britain. The Psylocke page being a sort of hub page for both works, so long as examples specific to Betsy are kept to her page as to avoid redundancy. So basically two folders:

Tropes applying to both

Tropes applying to Kwannon

There's no reason to give Kwannon her own page (I was going to add her under X-Men: Recurring Characters), though with TV Tropes having no notability criteria, we could honestly just do that for simplicity's sake.

28th Jul, 2019 12:08:18 AM

I say leave it as is for now.

Psylocke being 1) Betsy Braddock and 2) Asian is so ingrained in the public consciousness that most adaptations of the character keep one or both of those characteristics, even if the mind swap is ignored or glossed over.

Before we make changes, I say one of two things should happen: either the change sticks for longer than two years to demonstrate itís not just a sales-boosting fad, or Betsy-As-Captain-Britain or Kwannon-As-Psylocke amass so many tropes on their own after the change that splitting them makes organizational sense.

28th Jul, 2019 05:39:16 AM

Given comic books being comic books, I think 'does an adaptation use it' is a good rule of thumb. Using the Marvels as an example, there are now adaptations with Carol-as-Captain and Kamala-as-Ms. Though, of course, that's quite a long-term solution.

Given that we already have Captain Britain and Psylocke pages, I think we can probably just divide those up for now as appropriate. If it sticks for a while we can maybe do something later.


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