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20th Jul, 2019 11:55:48 AM

I noticed it a week or so ago on Early Adaptation Weirdness, but I didn't think it was noticeable enough to mention. It is technically a valid namespace but it seems redundant when the work automatically redirects to the Franchise namespace.

Edited by Pichu-kun
20th Jul, 2019 12:33:56 PM

Main.The Simpsons is in a similar situation of redirecting to the Franchise/ page. Maybe the Main redirects are kept around for disambiguation and so the intended work page won't be lost in the myriad of options the auto-disambiguation gives you.

20th Jul, 2019 02:38:13 PM

Personally, I link to the Franchise/ page if the example refers to the franchise, and the VideoGame/ page if the example refers to the video games.

I wouldn't go around changing existing links in that manner.

21st Jul, 2019 12:14:46 AM

Hmmm. I can see both sides of the argument, here. Were a work page to be created for the video games as a whole, it would be useful to have those already separated from Franchise.Sonic The Hedgehog wicks. Have you sent them a PM?

21st Jul, 2019 12:56:56 AM

My post says that I did… Though it was almost two weeks ago. I'm not sure if I should try again, or if it would be pestering. Then again, do we ever make pages for video games as a whole when there's a franchise page? We don't. Not with Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., Pokémon, Mega Man, or any other popular video game-centric franchises. And I'm not sure if doing this would be needed, it's not like those pages or Sonic the Hedgehog are too long.

Edited by Piterpicher
21st Jul, 2019 01:20:05 AM

In the cases of Sonic, Pokémon, etc., there is enough separation between the video games and other continuities that splitting off the video game tropes makes sense.

21st Jul, 2019 07:31:01 AM

Then again, do we ever make pages for video games as a whole when there's a franchise page? We don't.
Yes, we do. The franchise namespace is only for multimedia franchises. The single-medium namespaces often function as a single-medium franchise page. Some tropes may apply across one medium in a franchise, but not to every medium. Providing separation between single-medium franchise pages and the multimedia franchise pages is as useful as separating the first installment of a work from the entire franchise page.

26th Jul, 2019 10:14:50 AM

What's the consensus? Wicks are still being moved from Franchise.Sonic The Hedgehog to VideoGame.Sonic The Hedgehog.

26th Jul, 2019 12:23:57 PM

I'm not sure what it is. I recommended him to make a sandbox for the hypothetical VideoGame.Sonic The Hedgehog page and show it to us, but I've again received no response. We'll see what his next course of action will be.

Edited by Piterpicher
13th Aug, 2019 08:21:49 AM

They indeed are, but I don't know if that means anything. I do wish I could see a sandbox, but tough cookies.

Also, he changed Robotnik's name to Eggman on Agitated Item Stomping, even though it refers to one of the games which still called him Robotnik. Not sure if it needs action, just saying.

Edited by Piterpicher
13th Aug, 2019 11:21:09 AM

Alright, I've received a response. He made some sandboxes at Sandbox.Sonic The Hedgehog Video Games, Sandbox.Sonic The Hedgehog Video Games G To Z (as the previously mentioned page would be too long otherwise) and Sandbox.Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise.

My thoughts:

Edited by Piterpicher
13th Aug, 2019 01:19:56 PM

^^ Re: Robotnik/Eggman, all translations of Sonic 1 call him Dr. Robotnik.


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